Non Efficient Buildings

70% of buildings are using non-efficient or obsolete lighting and HVAC systems


Energy Use
75% of energy used in buildings is lighting or HVAC


Healthy Buildings

Over 80% of buildings have Indoor Air Quality levels that are below WHO standards

75% of Energy used in buildings is HVAC and lighting

A lot of it is wasted

HVAC and Lighting account for approximately 75% of energy consumption both in commercial and residential buildings. A lot of this electricity could be saved by optimizing the use of lights, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Nevegy systems use IoT, smart technology with sensors to understand all aspects of illumination, thermal comfort and presence to maximize energy savings, paving your road to sustainability and important economic savings and CO2 footprint reduction.

Energy Use

Time to Act

Buildings are extremely energy inefficient, and most don't provide healthy working environments to occupants.

Nevegy helps you create sustainable and energy efficient buildings while ensuring healthy indoor spaces.

See 2018 CBECS Building Survey

Add value to your spaces, as an occupant or as an owner.


As a tenant or occupant, Nevegy technology will help you improve your facilities in many ways:

  • Improved transparency and overall comfort
  • Real time metrics of air quality
  • Real time metrics of occupancy
  • Improved employee loyalty
  • Improved talent retention
  • Improved talent acquisition
  • Increase team performance
  • Reduced energy use
  • Improved ESG scores

As a real estate asset owner, Nevegy technology will help you improve your asset in many areas:

  • Improved rental rates
  • Improved occupation rates
  • Improved talent acquisition and retention
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Reduced infrastructure costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced energy demand
  • Improved life span of equipment
  • Longer maintenance cycles and consumable lifetime
  • Improved ESG scores


Gain complete control and visibility over your enterprise infrastructure.

Discover More

Find out how to configure, visualize and start saving on lighting and HVAC with minimal investment.

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content_copy Define

Define how you want your environment to operate by creating zones that are independently managed and automatically controlled.

visibility Visualize

Visualize and manage your infrastructure at any time, from anywhere and be proactively informed of any issues or requests .

grading Learn

The system learns and adapts to the users and environment, presence, luminosity and preferences are automatically used to provide best environment.

savings Save

All parameters are taken into account to provide perfect lighting while saving electricity and achieving your ESG targets.

Real time information

Want to see how?

Implementing energy savings requires having real time information about the changes and the impact of those changes in building performance, equipment status, energy consumption per occupant and area, etc. Nevegy provides real time ESG reports (Energy) and allows you to see how each and every implementation step affects your energy consumption and equipment performance.

Powerful Automation

Beyond Office Use

Nevegy solutions, zoning and grouping will help you automate lighting and HVAC for many scenarios, including offices, common areas like stairwells or corridors, parking lots, factories, airports, etc. You will be able to configure different behaviors for different time frames and different situations including external conditions, presence, movement, etc.

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